Reading is a science, and every child should benefit from an evidence-based education.

The Excello method is based on a 100% phonics approach, which has been unanimously recognized by educational and cognitive science research as the best way to learn to read.

The Kalulu method includes :

  • A pedagogical guide detailing the Kalulu methodology, designed to harmonize teaching with the natural functioning of the brain.
  • A series of learning books based on explicit phonics, specially designed to capture children’s attention and facilitate fun, effective assimilation of reading skills.
  • A dedicated application for fun practice, reinforcing learning through interactive and adaptive exercises.
  • Card games that encourage consolidation of skills through group play.

Thanks to the Excello association and private donors, all Kalulu online material is free for everyone. If you would like to order printed materials, we’ll only charge you for printing and postage.

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Kalulu Automat

Kalulu is also a universe where you can build personalized phonics materials.

Build personalized materials

You can look up all the words and texts used by Kalulu, or write your own materials and see and at what lesson in the Kalulu progression they are decodable for your students.

Build Kalulu or your language

Kalulu wants every child to have access to a quality phonics program. If Kalulu has not already been designed for your language, you can use the automat to design curriculum for your language.